Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Monkey Garden

Marcelino Olmos                                               11/16/10
                             The Monkey Garden
    In the short story The Monkey Garden by Sandra Cisneros the story is about a girl that is playing in a garden with the rest of her friends,and she sees sally being played around. So she acts quick and tries to stop the boys from forcing her to kiss them but Sally ends up kissing them. My opinion is that the story is confusing at first but then once you read it carefully you get to understand it. The setting in the story takes place in the garden, and you know because the author describes the place with a lot of detail.
    One of the themes in the story is getting over something. In this story the author  describes how she is growing up. In the story on page 98 it says “ They didn’t seem to be my feet anymore. And the garden that had been such a good place to play didn’t seem mine either.” This quote shows that the girl has grown and that the garden that had once been a good place to place wasn’t her place anymore. My opinion of this theme is that people can grow over things once they tried it.
    My opinion about the story is that it’s a good story and you can learned a lot from it. This story was a interesting story because the author knew how to describe the place and how to give you hints about the conflict. A connection that I made from the story to the real world is that anyone can grow up and get over things. This is a connection because some young children go through this, and this is something that is happening in the world. In the beginning of the story I read the before there was a monkey living there.
    In the story the in the plot there are a lot of things that happen. One of the things that happen in the story is the conflict. The conflict in the story is that the girl or the narrator that’s telling the story is trying to grow up and not play like she used to play when she was little. The resolution to this story is that the girl ends up growing up and tell us how the garden that where once she played wasn’t a good place to play anymore. In the beginning of the story the narrator explains that before they went to the garden there was a monkey living in there. and she explains how the flowers were all beautiful and how the plant never grew beyond their roots.

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